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Nitrogen Infused Cold Coffee (Nitrobrew)

Our coffee infused with nitrogen, giving the coffee a sweet malty taste without any added sugar and served from the tap

V60 Pourover

Individualized hand poured coffee, choices of Ethiopia, Swiss Water Decaf, Organic Brazilian

French Press

Serves two muggles for here. One‎ of the most original ways to brew, coarser grinds and a longer brew time with higher water temperature creates a bold and rustic intense brew. Your choice of Single Origin Ethiopia Sidamo, Swiss Water Decaf, and Single Origin Sumatra Mandheling. 


Traditional Japanese iced coffee, brewed for over 16 hours

Iced Coffee

Bold and simple.

Barista's Cold Brew

Cold-Brewed for over 12 hours, smooth and strong. Ask barista for the type of beans as it changes every week.

Espresso Bar

Lavender Latte

Elegant wake me up with housemade lavender

Spanish Latte

Sweet cream and espresso

Mint Mojito Latte

Fresh picked mint leaves muddled into sweet and creamy milk

Biscoff Cookie Latte

Cookie butter latte

Roasted Almond Latte

Crushed almonds steamed into sweet milk with espresso

Black Forest Mocha

Black cherry and rich chocolate mocha

White Forest Mocha

Black cherry and creamy white mocha

Nutella Latte

We use the ever-so-popular hazelnut chocolate spread and make it into a latte. Sweet chocolate, bold espresso, roasted hazelnut.

Coconut White Mocha

White Mocha and Coconut!


We take our popular Lavander Latte and add some white chocolate to it! Imagine floral and creamy. 






Classic or tailored with your preference of milk and flavoring


Traditional espresso beverage, served one size only.


Espresso cut with a shot of steamed milk


Espresso poured over vanilla ice cream

Single Shot

 We use the perfect blend of espresso beans to create a fruity chocolate note.


Latte made with half and half instead of cream

Speciality drinks (no espresso)

Butter Brew Latte

Butterscotch with a creamy twist! You can add a shot of espresso for that extra kick.

Matcha Latte

Made with our highest grade matcha green tea

Pistachio Latte

Nutty, sweet, and one of a kind. Topped with crushed roasted pistachios. 

London Fog

Earl Grey Tea Latte

Matcha Affogato


Chai Latte

We finally have Chai Lattes! Ours is made with an organic Chai tea concentrate! Request it with soy! Our favorite!


House Brewed Iced Tea

We brew an award winning ice tea, sweet without any added sweetener

Secret Iced Tea

A Brand NEW favorite! It's a secret so we can't tell you but try it yourself and we promise you won't be disappointed.

Egyptian Chamomile (Caffeine Free)

sweet & calming, mind easing & soul soothing

Earl Grey

Full and rich loose leaves infused with bergamot. A high-grade classic

Lychee Peach

sweet & fruity, apricot note, osmanthus & ripe pear

Lychee Peach Iced Tea

We take our most popular loose leaf tea and formulated it into a cold version!

Mandarin Silk Tea

Smooth and silky. Oolong tea with a fusion of lemon myrtle, marigold, and natural vanilla flavor

Bright Eyed (Caffeine Free)

organic ginger, tumeric, cinnamon, & sarsapilla

Turkish Apple Tea

organic black tea with essences of dried apples and a mellow cinnamon after-note. Bold and flavorful.

Passionfruit Jasmine

A fusion of black and green tea leaves. Sweet and flavorful.

Green Jade

A true green tea. Hints of honey and citrus after-note.

Sandwiches & Waffles

Siriusly prosciutto

Prosciutto, quality grade fig butter, wild arugula, fresh goat cheese on rosemary focaccia

Charmingly Pesto

Fire roasted chicken breast, fresh melted mozzarella, basil pesto, crisp basil, seasoned roast tomato, balsamic reduction on ciabatta

Breakfast Croissant

Smoked ham, two scrambled eggs, melted cheddar on French croissant

Cookie Butter Waffle

Fantastic Peaches & Cream Waffle

Breakfast Waffle

Belgian Waffle, bacon, egg, yogurt, and fruit.

Muenster Express

Muenster cheese, hass avocado, crunchy alfalfa sprouts, marinated artichoke hearts, seasoned roast tomato, red onion, romaine, house mayo, and hummus on multigrain (VEGETARIAN)

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Fire roasted chicken breast, shredded aged parmesan, hass avocado, creamy Caesar dressing, house baked croutons in spinach tortilla. Served with chips.

Traditional Belgian Waffle with ButterBrew Cream

Nutella Waffle

Padfoot's Pumpkin Waffle

 Seasonal. Until January.

Desserts & Pastries

Lava Cakes

Made by a local bakery,  Terri Sue's lava cakes. Flavors are seasonal. Currently, we carry Pumpkin Pie Lava Cake and Peanut Butter Cup Lava Cake.

Butter Croissant


Chocolate Croissant


Almond Croissant


Chocolate Chip Twist

Apple Turnover


French Macarons. We carry Coconut, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, Passionfruit, Lemon, Almond, Cassis, Pistachio, Salted Caramel.